Monday, June 13, 2016

Space Wars

This week at Osuna, the theme is SyFy.  Ben led an enrichment club called Space Wars.  

Kids in the younger unit worked together in pairs to create their own space ships.  They spent a few days constructing their ships out of materials such as cardboard, tinfoil, Popsicle sticks, and pipe cleaners.  

After the ships were built and decorated, we took them outside for an intergalactic meteor shower of water balloons!  We divided into two teams and held a tarp up in between.  Hidden by the tarp, each pair chose a location for their ship.  

One child was the “seeker” and peeked around the tarp to see the opposing team; the seeker then gave the “launcher” a description of where to throw their water balloon. It was up to the launcher to throw his/her balloon over the tarp, in hopes of connecting with a ship on the other side!  Everyone had fun and got wet, and we strengthened our communication skills along the way by designing, constructing, and executing a plan with a partner.

By Shannon Donegan

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