Friday, July 6, 2012

the Trinity of Whole Child Development: #3 of our Common Core Values

#3 = the Trinity of Whole Child Development

We value the child, the whole child. Many good afterschool programs focus primarily on one aspect of child development.

Some afterschool programs label themselves as child care and basically extend classic early-childhood education programs with learning centers and a lot of child-directed activities for children to self select into afterschool. These program focus primarily on play-based learning of social and life skills.

Some programs focus primarily on academics. These “academics-only” programs put emphasis on tutoring and homework. Their primary goals include higher academic achievement and test scores. They provide more school... after school.

Some afterschool programs label themselves “for recreation purposes only.” These “rec” programs aim to provide a safe place for children to play and are intentionally and purposefully designed to provide a break from academics after school.

Other programs focus on a singular skill like drama, science, karate, chorus, chess, soccer, fine arts, etc. 

Children’s Choice sees value in each of these models. We see the need for many types of programs to meet the diverse needs of different communities. We help train and develop staff working in many different types of programs and strive to help them improve their practices.

Within our own programs, Children’s Choice takes a whole-child-development approach. We weave together play-based learning, academic enrichment, life skill development, team building, recreation, relationship building, and specific skill building through enrichment classes and novel, challenging activities.

We value what we call the “TRINITY” of positive youth development. We weave together practices that facilitate the development of P.I.E.S.

1.     Physical Skills
2.     Intellectual Skills
3.     Emotional/Social Skills

Or if you prefer, the “TRINITY” of Mind-Spirit-Body. The whole child. 

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