Friday, November 28, 2014

Fun for the Zoo

In an amazing collaboration between CC & the ABQ BioPark., each this month this class experiences a special visit by zoo educators, then we take the kids on a field trip to meet behind-the-scenes with a zoo keeper/animal handler. Then… this week this class will be challenged to engineer ENRICHMENT toys that will be placed into the chimp enclosures to facilitate cognitive development of the these apes at the zoo. How cool is that? Thanks to the for the support of education of kids in Albuquerque!

Greg, the chimp handler, meets with our team and provides 
up close and personal education about the Chimpanzees.

Fun for the Zoo students learning all about chimps.

Our team of engineers building paper mache' pumpkins.

The paper mache' pumpkins will be filled with grapes and healthy chimpanzee food and hidden in the habitat for the chimps to figure out - exercise for the brain.

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