Monday, October 8, 2012

Science of Halloween

Spooky Science of Halloween

Science Standards Addressed:
  • Know that when substances are combined they may create a new substance with different properties (Monster Drool, Gross Worms).
  • Know that matter is composed of parts too small to be seen with the naked eye (Monster Drool, Gross Worms).
  • Describe the characteristics of the 3 states of matter (Boo Bubbles and Crystal Bubble).
We have provided links to the books we used to sneak in some literacy.  We learned most of the science experiments and activities from Steve Spangler (awesome speaker and science guy extraordinaire).  We have included links to his science supplies, experiments, and videos.  We have also provided links to our YouTube videos. These links take you away from the blog and to external websites.

Plus we snuck in some speaking and listening standards like asking questions, expressing ideas, following multi-step directions, and participating in discussions.

10 minutes

As the children arrived we played songs like Ghostbusters, Monster Mash, and Spooky.

Spooky Science Snack: for the color alone we had blackberries and orange carrots.  
We also made a Spooky Halloween punch which contained: walrus pee (apple juice), nuclear waste (pineapple juice), blended beetles (grape juice) and bats blood (cranberry juice).  Then we added some glow sticks and some dry ice that carbonates the drink with the carbon dioxide gas that is sublimating from the dry ice.  - bubbling and burping. 
Serve after all the bubbling has stopped and  the dry ice is completely gone.  Dry ice in the esophagus – not a good thing.

The scary looking guys in the suits threatened that if we didn’t include this,…  they would be back. Dry ice must be handled with caution.  It is -110 degrees Fahrenheit. It must be handled using gloves or tongs.  It will cause severe burns if it comes in contact with your skin.

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