Monday, June 13, 2016

Create a Planet!

This weeks theme at Osuna is SyFy Channel. 

We created our own planets and solar systems. Cabins 1 and 2 created a solar system teeming with life where you could create your own planet and anything was possible! Cabin 3 created a planet where there were Pizza Shaped Planes that dropped Pizza from the sky and Cabin 4 had a planet where they spoke their own grunting language. 

Cabin 5 created a planet that resembled the Death Star and Cabin 6 created a Minion Planet where King Bob ruled supreme. In Cabin 7 the sky on their planet made it rain money and Cabin 8’s  planet had well thought out tunnels and poisonous plants.

After each cabin presented their planets, we took a community vote for who would win our Deep Blue C that week and the winner was Cabin 6 with the Minion Planet! It is now Cabin 6’s privilege to get to decorate and protect the Deep Blue C until next week’s assembly where a new cabin can win the Deep Blue C.

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