Saturday, July 23, 2016

DIY - Making Papyrus

Our Summer Camp theme this week is DIY.

Megan and the kids made their own version of papyrus. The word paper comes from the word papyrus which is a plant that old civilizations used to make paper. Having limited access to actual papyrus, Megan's club instead took a more eco friendly approach. 

The kids gathered up all the scrap paper they could find, sorted them by color, texture, and thickness. After that the they began the process of breaking it down until it became fibrous and then added color to it. once that has been achieved the kids gecan sifting out the fibers and placed it on a parchment paper, this allows them to get totally hands on and shape the paper,  

After that they just sandwiched it between some heavy books and found a nice sunny place for it to dry. 

It take a few days for the paper to completely dry but after that the kids had created fresh craft paper for the community to use!

By Josh Rosenquest


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