Monday, December 12, 2011

Swap Knots

This is one of our favorite team-building games from our workshop.
This is a fun variation of the old classic Human Knot. Group up in teams of 8, 10, or 12. Give a bandanna or three-foot piece of rope to ½ the group (give a team of 12 six ropes, team of 10 five ropes and a team of 8 four ropes).

Lay the ropes out in an asterisk-like shape. Players grab one end of the rope. Allow each group 6 to 8 minutes to tangle the ropes as much as possible. Two rules: players may not let go of the ropes, and may not tighten the knot by pulling on it.

After completing their knot, they place the tangled ropes on the floor so the ends of the ropes can are visible.

Each team moves to another team’s knot, and players grab the end of one of the ropes and the try to untangle the ropes until they are standing in pairs back in the asterisk shape. 

When debriefing ask: How are we connected to each other? How can we solve problems and remain connected to each other?

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  1. Great game and workshop activity. Will have to use this with my ASP.


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